Feldar - OOAK Baby Dragon

Feldar - OOAK Baby Dragon

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Baby Dragon

Feldar’s body, legs, outer wings and ears are made from Silver Crushed Velvet and his belly, inner wings and ears are from a patterned Lycra. His mane is made from a violet feather boa and horns from white Silk Velvet.
Feldar’s startling bright blue eyes are handmade, his claws hand sculpted from polymer clay.

Stands 7 inches tall
Wingspan, up to 10 inches

Felder is fully adjustable, with a wired body (head, neck and tale) and wired wings, ears and button jointed legs.
His ears and wings have been hand embroidered.

Although Feldar can be played with he is not a Toy and not meant for small children.

Feldar won a Blue Ribbon and Rosette at the Bendigo Doll & Teddy Show 2019