Nightswood now on Patreon


I am truly amazed at how many people really seem to love my art dolls, especially my trolls and little brownies/pixies! So much so that I am getting asked more and more to sell them privately instead of putting them up for sale in my store.

To tell the truth, its stating to get a bit overwhelming.. most are very polite when asking but there are some who get very carried away with 4 to 6 messages in a day, over two to three days.. Certain pieces really seem to steal the hearts of people and not want to let go!

So after a few weeks pondering on what to do, I decided to create a Patreon page!

For those who want a doll as soon as it is finished and not wait for it to go up for sale to the world, this is the place for you!! Patreon will be the only place where you will get the ability and first chance to outright purchase my new art dolls before they go up for sale (excluding competition pieces)

I will also be shearing a lot more of my work in progress photos including all the ‘ugly stages’ which more often than not I don’t show, as well as idea sketches, previews of secret projects and my info and research on inspiration and more!

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